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In the past general liability insurers have failed to differentiate the better builders from the rest. HCIC is an innovative solution, offering competitive rates and broader coverage that takes account of the quality of your business.

Unlike a traditional insurance company whose ultimate purpose is to enhance its own bottom-line profitability, the primary mission of a RRG is to provide its owners with stable, reliable and affordable insurance coverage. The RRG mechanism is designed to avoid the wide price swings common in the traditional insurance industry, and a RRG may utilize whatever actuarially justifiable premium rating structure and coverage form it chooses consistent with the approval and state filing requirements of a single domiciliary regulator.

Ultimately, coverage and premium terms will be based on the actual loss experience of HCIC’s members rather than on the traditional insurance industry’s perception of the class of business as a whole. This flexibility to tailor coverage terms to meet the unique needs of HCIC’s members, rather than to rely on “off the shelf” coverage and terms provided by traditional insurers, is a critical feature of successful association insurance programs. HCIC takes into account the quality of your operations and provides members with wider insurance coverage at a lower cost.

Backed by the professionalism of an insurance intermediary with more than 20 years experience of Californian residential construction insurance, members have the exclusive opportunity to obtain affordable and consistent insurance coverage through HCIC.

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Security Rating

To ensure members are offered financially secure coverage, HCIC has secured reinsurance from “A” rated AM Best (reinsurers) approved by the RRG’s domiciliary regulator.

Contact JH Insurance Services for specific information regarding security of the HCIC Reinsurance panel.

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